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In first tournament, Asashoryu again conquers sumo wrestling world PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 January 2008
ImageFollowing a soap opera which included a first-ever suspension, severe depression, and weeks in seclusion, Mongolian sumo grand champion Asashoryu came roaring back to win his first tournament since returning to Japan. 

Competing this past week in the prestigious New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, Asashoryu won the competition in rousing style as he threw sumo wrestler Kotoshogiku to the ground. 

The winner of 21 tournament titles, Asashoryu was suspended from participating in two tournaments after being seen playing in a soccer match while home in Mongolia on medical leave. 

However, the weekend victory by Asashoryu showed the sumo wrestling world that the Mongolian grand champion is back and in top form.

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