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Latest numbers show 7,500 Mongolians working in Czech Republic PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
ImageThe number of Mongolians working in the Czech Republic has increased almost four-fold in the past two years. 

Recent employment figures from the Czech Republic indicate, as of June, 2007 there were 7,515 Mongolians working in the Czech Republic. Two years earlier that figure held at 1,900. 

Foreign workers began entering the Czech work force following its joining the European Union. In recent years, as the Czech economy has grown quickly, coupled with its own low unemployment rates, workers from Asia have begun entering the country to find work. 

Besides Mongolians, recently released figures showed nearly 51,000 Vietnamese have been granted residence permits by the Czech government. Also, there is now an increased number of workers from India and Uzbekistan entering the Czech Republic. 

Czech officials have said there are recruiters working in foreign countries demanding many thousands of dollars to find work for foreigners in the Czech Republic. New regulations by the government will seek to end such practices. 

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