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Dictionary published to aid in understanding "Secret History of the Mongols" PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
ImageA dictionary has been published defining words used in the 13th century text, "Secret History of the Mongols."   

"Secret History of the Mongols," is an ancient text recording a 500 year history of Mongolia and its various ethnic groups. The text draws much attention because it also provides a history of the period of Genghis khan. 

The dictionary has been compiled by Professor B. Sumyabaatar from Mongolia’s Institute of Literature and Language. 

Working on the dictionary for five years, Sumyabaatar collected 8,144 words from "Secret History of the Mongols" and provides their modern translations. 

"Secret History of the Mongols" was recognized as a world famous literary masterpiece by UNESCO in 1989.
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