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Mongolia sees counting of votes delayed by new election system PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 June 2008
ballot of NalaikhPolling stations have closed in all of Mongolia and counting is underway, but the results are not expected soon.
This election is the first time a new voting system has been implemented. The new system is a rather complicated districtional system. In elections until now every constituency elected one member of parliament. The new system consists of considerably less constituencies but adds the novelty of several seats available in every one of them. The new ballots thus require voters to circle 3 or 4 candidates depending on the seats available.
The new system poses challenges on every level. First voters are not yet used to circling multiple candidates and especially the number of candidates can cause some confusion. Reports have come in of people circling either too little or too many candidates. In the latter case the vote becomes invalid. The second challenge comes from the counting of the votes. The old fashioned method of piling up votes for the different candidates doesn't work anymore since one ballot is casting votes for several candidates. The election committee has announced that the results might not be available today yet.
As for the actual results there are claims that the MPRP have secured a majority of votes in the countryside where 50 of the 76 seats are up for grabs.
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