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Tuesday, 01 July 2008


22.09h The President of Mongolia N. Enkhbayar has released a statement. As head of the State of Mongolia he condemns people using illegal action in expressing their protest against the election result. However, he does mention that there should be investigation on whether there were any irregularities during the election. If there was indeed large scale manipulation of the votes he says a reellection should take place. 

21.55h The President and Prime-Minister will meet, most probably with leaders of other political parties as well. Eye witnesses report that most protesters currently at the square are young males. Three cars have been burnt around the MPRP building. Sirens can be heard throughout the city center.

21.34h Sources mention the president has conveyed a meeting with political leaders. Meanwhile banks and official buildings have closed in a scare for more violence. The police have used teargas in trying to move protesters away from the MPRP building

20.30h Protesters have taken possesion of bottles of a duty free shop and are throwing the bottles at the building while setting fire to the carton boxes. Smoke keeps coming from the building.

Reportedly thousands of people are staging a violent protest. Protesters have set fire on the MPRP building in Mongolia s capital Ulaanbaatar. Fire trucks are trying to get near the site. Military a nd police are joining forces to control the crowd. Eagle TV shows images of smoke coming from the MPRP building and protesters trying to enter. Around 19.30 fire was coming from the windows at the ground floor, but the fire brigade seens to have controlled. In the meantime protesters look for the confrontation. Police men are shooting at the crowd with what seem to be rubber bullets.

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