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In Mongolia Democratic Party Seems Divided, Elbegdorj announces possible resignation PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 July 2008
ImageMongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar (GV) - The results of the June 29 elections seems to have divided members of the Democratic Party (DP). It's leader Elbegdorj, widely criticized for his role in the protests on July 1st that lead to violent riots, still maintains the election results were rigged by the ruling MPRP (Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party). His call for the current placeholder government to be impeached was rejected by a parliament committee that included members of his own democratic party. On Friday Elbegdorj gave a press conference where it was announced that DP members would boycott the first session of the new parliament on July 23.
Furthermore he attacked the government on their handling of the July 1 riots and demanding all of the 200 people still held in prison to be released. He said to Montsame: "If this demand is failed and if current political crisis continues further, I am ready to resign from the post of Democratic Party Chairman"  According to several Mongolian media his resignation was already set in progress. It is not clear what effect the resignation would have on the boycott.
Lines between the different parties are not always very clear in Mongolia and sections of the DP might have struck a deal with the MPRP to attend the parliament session. If less than 56 members attend, parliament cannot officially convene, and the MPRP might be pushing for at least 14 DP members to attend.
The last time a cross party deal was crafted in Mongolia was in 2006 when the same Elbegdorj was ousted as prime minister as fellow party members had agreed on a minister post in a new parliament lead by MPRP's Enkhbold.
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