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Entree Expands Coal Exploration PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 September 2008

Entrée Gold Inc. (TSX:ETG; AMEX:EGI) announced on Thursday that it has added $2 million for further coal exploration at its Lookout Hill property.  This follows recent coal discoveries at Nomkhon Bohr, said company officials. 

The Nomkhon Bohr coal site is a geological rift known to host other coal deposits in Mongolia, such as QGX's Baruun Naran, South Gobi Energy Resources' Ovoot Tolgoi and Energy Resources LLC's  Tavan Tolgoi deposits. 

Greg Crowe, CEO and President of Entrée notes, "The Nomkhon Bohr coal target is progressing rapidly. Our drilling has shown that the Permian sequence exposed in the Company's Lookout Hill Property hosts potentially significant coal horizons. We will move forward aggressively to extend the Nomkhon Bohr target and to test the large, unexplored, Coking Flats area to the west. We believe that these two targets represent an excellent opportunity for Entrée." 

Drilling has cut coal over a strike length of 600 meters so far. Initial findings indicate continuing levels of coal deposits with added thickness as the deposit descends.

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