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B.Jargalsaikhan, former MP and head of Republican Party, begins hunger strike from prison PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
A former member of parliament, jailed since September 4 as part of an investigation into Mongolia’s deadly July 1 rioting, began a hunger strike last Friday. 

B.Jargalsaikhan, currently the Republican Party Chairman, was arrested by police who claimed vehicles belonging to his business had delivered stones to rioters on July 1. Authorities further claim video tape evidence shows him provoking rioters. 

Rioting erupted following national elections on June 30. Public buildings were set on fire and five people died in the ensuing violence. 

B.Jargalsaikhan, speaking through his attorney, said he had not protested during the 14 days he was initially jailed for. However, he began the hunger strike after learning police intended to hold him for at least another two months as they continue their investigation.

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