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Peabody Energy may seek mining rights at Tavan Tolgoi PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 January 2009
ImageSt. Louis, USA-based Peabody Energy Corporation is among the companies reported to me mulling the purchase of rights to mine Tavan Tolgoi. The Mongolian coal deposit is estimated to be worth USD 2 billion. 

Further, it was reported that Mongolia’s government may hire JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup to find a mining giant to buy up to 49% of the Tavan Tolgoi site. 

Previously, Peabody had sought to purchase mining rights at Tavan Tolgoi as part of a syndicate with BHP Billiton Limited and China Shenhua Company. 

However, after the deal fell through officials from Peabody were reported in Ulaanbaatar discussing a sole purchase with the government. 

The Tavan Tolgoi deposit in the Gobi desert contains 6.5 billion tonnes of metallurgical coal and may be the largest untapped deposit of its kind. Metallurgical coal is used in the manufacturing of steel.

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 1 Written by Hosoo, on 2009-01-26 08:44:46, IP:
Why don't you guys state where you're getting these reports from? Who's the writer of this above report. You can't just copy and paste from other sources. You need to state where you're citating from!
 2 Written by INTJay, on 2009-01-26 16:05:31, IP:
Hosoo, If you might be asking about my comments then I will say that my sources are my very own personal experiences dealing with matters in Mongolia. It is not what IS written/printed but rather what is not. This applies to any place you go in this world.
 3 Written by INTJay, on 2009-01-26 16:12:14, IP:
However, if your referring to the article on mining. Then did it ever occur to you that news may be obtianed by staying in touch with things on the ground or by keeping up with varous companies and thier actions around the world. If your so eager to know more then Google it and find out for your self. Stop complaining about getting spoon fed. Even if they said they got it form some who or what ever then would you just say "OK then" and accept it or go do some research form other sites. I've never seen anything on here that wasnt pretty close to the general point.
 4 Written by Hosoo, on 2009-01-27 08:26:09, IP:
First of all, I wasn't referring to your comments. Second of all, I wasn't questioning the validity of the report/facts in this report. My point is that this website doesn't state where some of the articles or reports are coming from. That's all I'm asking. There was one piece I was reading here( I don't remember the name of it), I found out the it was just a copy and paste from this person's personal website. At least, state the fact that where it was cited from.  
I don't know why you're being defensive about this, but all 'news' websites should provide references and citations. Or at least provide who wrote these articles.  
My point applied to all articles and reports on this website.  
So, get over yourself
 5 Written by INTJay, on 2009-01-27 09:14:04, IP:
Took me three minutes to Google this particular subject and I found about three or four sites that all made similar or same reference to this subject. Take your pick...and get over it yourself or just find some other web-site to read from and stop whining.
 6 Written by Hosoo, on 2009-01-27 11:09:26, IP:
Do you live here or something? Pathetic.. get a life...
 7 Written by Hosoo, on 2009-01-27 11:15:31, IP:
You still don't get my point! I'm saying that it's not ok to COPY AND PASTE from other sources without referencing where it's coming from. I was making general reference. Not just this article alone. Unless you run this website, you shouldn't be offended and be so freaking defensive. My original comment wasn't directed toward you. Seriously, take a chill pill.
 8 Written by INTJay, on 2009-01-27 17:05:10, IP:
It's not really OK to sell boot leg CDs but thats about what you get in the shops. 
Most comments on this site are a brief and general summary of happenings and information that can be found from numerous locations on the web. Go look at a few others, some of which have a reputable US Based name. They may give yo links to related articles but not all say "we got our information from right here specifically at this place". Most are much longer and more in depth than MGL Web ever gets into. I get your point but it just isn't that aplicable for the content you find here.  
I might agree that they would serve the readership better if they just made a little link box for related news on the web which would be fairly easy to do. I would enjoy a quick click to other related links. But do I expect them to give some specific source to everything they put up? Not really, like I said, it's usually a brief summary and to find any real depth you have to go do other searches anyway. 
Actually no, I don't live there any longer but have family and friends that I stay up with on occasion. 
And yes, my life is probably dull. Which is why I enjoy a good  
web-rant now and then just to stir up things and make for a little excitement. It has been fun. 
See ya round... 
I dont give much concern to what people think in Finland either. Maybe we need to go there and see whats up with those Finns. I'll buy the beer (gettin too old for those firey vodka shots)!
 9 Written by Hosoo, on 2009-01-28 08:50:50, IP:
I meant the website when I said "Do you liver here or something". It's like you live 'in this website' cause you comment a lot. I was just being sarcastic. Anyways, this will be the end of my string of comments.

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