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The Mongolian Villain in the Movies PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 March 2009

Mongolian Matters - The Post Cold War villain impasse is continuing. Since the Soviet Union collapsed Russian weapon trade might still fill a few movies (James Bond's Goldeneye, Lord of War), North Korea might entertain once or twice, but even terrorism gets a bit boring after a while. So why not look at.....Mongolia
At the moment in Houston an exhibition on Genghis Khan (Chingis Khaan for friends) tries to explain the more detailed story of Mongolian warriors riding the steppes. Although not much appreciated in his home country, international movies as "Mongol" and the upcoming "The Mystery of Genghis Khan" have tried some diffirent angles on the great leader.

In the meantime however Hollywood seems to have rediscovered the archetype of the brutal Mongolian Warrior. The blogs have been noting. In a month time 2 mayor movies were casting "Mongolians" and a US TV series is feauturing a Mongolian Warrior as its episode-villian.
Mongolian Demon
Iron Man 2's casting efforts involves the search for a "Mongolian gangster" and a MTV interpreteds that as "organized crime out of Mongolia". The same blog mentions the Marvel Comics "resident Mongolian crime lord Haan Kaishek". Sounds scary, in more than one sence.
If that is not your cup of tea there is a whole clan of extras sought for M. Night Shyamalan's new film. After suprising audiences worldwide with the Sixth Sense, 'M.' has been more succesful in annoying or boring them ever since. For the new flick he is now looking for "Mongolian-American males and females between the ages of 5 and 85" to join him in these efforts. But the most shocking reference popped-up in google news today: "Sam Attacked by Mongolian Demons" is the heading of an article that details the episode of a bizar series called Reaper. The actual episode title is Dirty Sexy Mongol. How more distasteful can we get? Well take a look at the guy. Even Steven Seagal looks more Mongolian.

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