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Police intervene in demonstrations in Mongolia PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 April 2006
Mongolia Web, Ulaanbaatar. The police has peacefully intervened this afternoon in the demonstrations on the square. A crowd of police men were gathered and circeled the gers (traditional nomadic dwellings) that the demonstraters had put up on the square. Later the police force approached the demonstraters and attempted to remove the protesters.

terrycom.net reports: Protesters attempted to use the Ger elements (wood poles, canvas, roofing) to wedge their way running foward, putting their weight into the approach. The police held their ground (good for them). The Ger was smashed into pieces (good for them). Then the protesters were ticked that the Ger was destroyed.

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The Hovsgol GEF/World Bank launched their new website. It contains lot's of information on the area of Hovsgol and the research that is being carried out there.
You can see it yourself at hovsgolecology.org.

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