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Fire in Ulaanbaatar PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 December 2005
Mongol messenger: A major Ulaanbaatar trade centre, Bombogor (Sapu) burned down during the night of December 16, the largest fire for ten years. The 145m x 63m centre is owned by the Altjin company, and stands in front of the Bakula Rempochi monastery,
Chinggeltei District.
The fire was first reported at about 10 pm, and seven city fire units did not manage to extinguish the blaze completely until about 4pm the next afternoon.

The traders lost all their stock, which many had bought on credit for the New Year selling spree, giving cars and apartments as security.

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Akira KAMIMURA, lecturer, faculty of Mongolian studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies launched an innovative website on old Mongolian manuscripts maps in cooperation with the state archive of Mongolia. It contains 16 precious maps which are stored at the state archive for academic use. The oldest map was estimated being made in 1803-1805.

A remarkable feature of this web site is that you can find manuscripts written on those maps by an advanced search function. All content of the maps has been indexed and easily accessible with the advanced search function.

For instance, if you type, "erdeni"(transcription of Mongol bichig as "erdene"), you get 24 search results and it says "erdeni" is written on 4 different maps. Then, it indicates where the search words are found on the specific places of the maps. Also, you can add search conditions among 20 items.

KAMIMURA hopes this web site helps progress on study of Mongolian history and many other related disciplines. Not only for the academic use, it is also beautiful and interesting to appreciate.