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Thursday, 13 July 2006
Chinggis Khaan Monument Opened
Chinggis Khaan Monument Opened
Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. An opening ceremony of the Monument of Chinggis Khaan in the State Ceremonial Palace was held on Monday on the Sukhbaatar Square. The palace is being constructed for the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire according to the President s Decree. President N.Enkhbayar, Parliament Speaker Ts.Nyamdorj, Prime Minister M.Enkhbold and Minister of Mongolia, Chief of the National Organizational Committee of the anniversary S.Batbold gave the opening speeches. The creation of the Monument of Chinggis Khaan and monuments of his two cavalries took 10 months. During the opening, more than 30 long song singers from 21 provinces sang the song "Ertnii Saikhan" and more than 200 morin khuur players played the "Mongol Ayalguu" by N.Jantsannorov.
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