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Thursday, 12 January 2006
UB Post reports: Last week according to reports from local meteorology agencies, Mongolia experienced its coldest day for almost 20 years. Residents of Otgon soum in Zavkhan aimag were forced to wrap up warm and scurry inside as temperatures plummeted 54 degrees below zero on January 5. It was a similar case the previous evening when it was only fractionally warmer at a bone chilling –53 degrees in Celsius.

Prior to this latest cold snap, the mercury in Mongolian thermometers had only dropped as low as that in 1977 when on the same day in 1977 Zuungobi soum in Uvs aimag saw temperatures drop as low as 55.4 degrees below. The record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Mongolia though came on December 27 1966 when weathermen recorded a reading of –55.6 degrees in Celsius.

It is not just Zavkhan that has been suffering from the inclement weather, Khovsgol, Uvs, and Selenge have all been reporting temperatures in excess of forty degrees below. At the same time though readings from close to the Ekhiin Gol river put things at a positively tropical 19 degrees below freezing point. It is predicted that the cold spell will end by January 9.
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