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Demands of Civil Movements PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 January 2006
“The Mongolian Union of Movements” held a press release and made statement and demand for public and, state and government.

“Resolute Renovation”, “Just society-Civil movement”, “My Mongolian land” and “Movement for renewing politic’ are joined in this Union and today /14, January/ they are also demonstrating against MPRP and DP. Here are lists of their demands:

First. To have the president resign
Second: To have the State Great Khural (parliament) resign.
Third. To have administrators of the MRPR and DP resign.
Fourth. To have court administrators resign.
Fifth. To carry out  extraordinary presidential elections.
Sixth. To establish a provisional Great Khural with representatives from aimag, city, disticts, civil movement and the public.

They proclaimed to demonstrate until these demands are fully granted.

Civil movements will demonstrate today at Sukhbaatar square at 11:00 am. “This will be a quiet demonstration and we won’t attack to any government and MPRP building” S.Ganbaatar, leader of “Resolute Renovation”  said.

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