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Wednesday, 26 March 2008 06:06

Mongolian tourism officials were in Moscow this week to discuss how to lure more Russian tourists to Mongolia. 

Mongolian tourism industry representatives attended a tourism trade show in Moscow earlier this week. Officials from Mongolia’s Tourism Department of the Ministry of Road and the Transportation and Tourism Ministry (MRTT) were joined by travel experts from the private New Juulchin Group, which brings foreign tourists to Mongolia. 

At the trade show, Mongolian officials spoke of how Russian tourists are showing increasing interest in Mongolia’s unusual natural beauty including its vast steppes, lush national parks, deserts and nomadic tribesmen. 

                "Today, most Russian tourists prefer exotic and adventure tourism to experience the sense of those living in Mongolia. Furthermore, other Russian tourists want to enlighten themselves by studying the philosophy of a country during their journey, while still others wish to receive traditional medical services like acupuncture," said G. Yondongombo, of Mongolia’s Department of MRTT.  

               Yu.Tsolmon of the New Juulchin Group noted, "Millions of Russian tourists travel around the world. Mongolia has a possibility of receiving a small part of this huge flow of Russian travelers. We are researching the tourism market in Russia and are promoting Mongolia in cooperation with the MRTT." 
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