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Scientists study taimen fish, found only in Mongolia, to assure its survival

The National Geographic Society
is studying Mongolia’s taimen fish, one of the largest fresh water
fish in the world....

December Biobeer on Mongolian Saiga: Conservation & Challenge

B. Buuveibaatar from the Institute of Biology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences,  will present a talk entitled "Mongolian Saiga:...

Global warming in Mongolia to be studied by U.S.-Mongolian university partnership

A five-year program will bring
U.S. and Mongolian experts together to study the effects of global warming
on the Lake Hövsg...

The Nature Conservancy to assist in project to protect Mongolian grasslands

On Tuesday, The Nature Conservancy
announced a new conservation initiative to protect Mongolia’s grasslands...

Mongolian companies to be boycotted due to vote on commercial whaling

A New Zealand investment fund
will boycott Mongolian companies because of the government’s support
of commercial whaling....

Guinness Records recognizes trip across Gobi Desert on wind-powered buggies

Two British men have made their
way into the Guinness Book of Records by crossing Mongolia’s Gobi
Desert powered...

Mongolian project to hold back desert begins

Mongolia has joined with three
other countries to fight off its encroaching desert. 

Working with Korea, Japan,...

Mongolia and China pledge to work together to battle desert sandstorms

China and Mongolia have agreed
to expand their cooperation in fighting the effects sandstorms pose
to each country. ...

Organization donates 500 animals following loss of livestock in 2006 flood

In response to the flooding
in the Eg-Ur Valley which killed 3,000 head of livestock in 2006, an
American environmental...

Mongolia to be one of four world sites to view solar eclipse in 2008


A total solar eclipse will
come to a small area of Mongolia on August 1, 2008.  

The eclipse will...

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