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Temperature on the rise

Sunny in UlaanbaatarMongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar. In recent days the mercury has been on the rise in...

Japan-Mongolia Environment Policy Dialogue

JapanThe Ministry of the Environment of Japan will hold a "Japan-Mongolia...

Cultivation of Hippothae Encouraged in Mongolia
Call for Contributions: National Report Biodiversity

The Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) is preparing the third National Report on Implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity by request of both MNE and UNDP CO. The report will be prepared according to guidelines...

Mongolia's Livestock Faces Dramatic Increase

 Montsame reports on a dramatic increase in livestock in Mongolia. The increase might contribute negatively to existing environmental problems as overgrazing.

According to preliminary results of the 2006 livestock...

Mongolia's Red List of Endangered Animal Species Available for Download

Red List of Endangared Fish and Mammal SpeciesMongol BioWeb reports:...

World Bank Improved Stove Project Clears the Air in Mongolia

Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar. Within the framework of "Improved Household Stoves" project, the World Bank and Minister of Nature and Environment are aiming to create more efficient, less exhausting home heating systems that will...

Canada and Mongolia Cooperate on Water Survey

The National University of Mongolia and the York University of Canada
have agreed to conduct a joint detailed survey on water resource
management. The first stage of the bilateral cooperation has launched
by an arrival of the...

The Genetic Diversity of the Steppe of the Mongolia's

A research was carried out in Inner Mongolia by the College of Ecology and Environmental Science and the College of Bioengineering of the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in Hohhot that might have significance for the Outer Mongolian Steppe...

Illegal Hunting and Trade of Mongolian Saiga Antelope
Daily News, Mongolia reports: 108 Mongolian saiga antelope horns were found by officials from the inspection authority on a heavy-duty truck ZIL 130, UBM 92-39, which was about to depart from Chandmani soum, Khovd aimag for the...
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