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Japan supports liquorice planting in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. A technological training on liquorice plantation has been administered in Bayankhongor Aimag by delegates from Oita Prefecture, Japan. The training was conducted by Mr. Oonishi Keiji, Head of the Department responsible...

Lecture: Mongolia's role in understanding the spread and threat of avian influenza

Disease at the interface of human,  livestock and wildlife life:
Mongolia's role in a global effort to understand the spread and threat of avian influenza
Speaker: Amanda Fine, PhD
Director, Wildlife Conservation...

Mongolia Blamed for Sand Storms

BEIJING, April 20_(Kyodo) _ Chinese officials said Thursday that most
of the country's recent sandstorms come from border nations, making it
hard for China to control the weather pattern that causes economic
losses plus...

Mongolia Visit of Dutch Royal Couple

The Crown Prince of the Netherlands Willem Alexander and his wife
princess Maxima will pay a visit to Mongolia from June 14 to 18. The
royal couple will represent Queen Beatrix in celebrating the 800th
anniversary of Mongolian...

Mercury poison death in Mongolia's Gobi

An autopsy has revealed that a man in the Omnogobi Aimag centre has died of mercury poisoning, said an article in the April 12 Ardyn Erkh newspaper.

The deceased used mercury to separating out gold mined by manual workers. In Khanbogd Soum...

Netherlands supports Ulaanbaatar City Improvement

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The Second Ulaanbaatar Services Improvement Project reports that under the project a grant of
USD 1.8 million from the Government of the Netherlands was recevied for Ulaanbaatar
city environmental improvement....

Biobeer on The Nature Conservancy Mongolia exchange

April's Biobeers will be held this Thursday 6 April, at the usual
time and place: 6.30 pm at Xericon Restaurant (located between the
Hydrometeorology Building and the CIA). This month's speakers will be
the Mongolian biologists and...

Hydro Power Stations planned in Mongolia

In 2007, both Dorgon and Taishir hydroelectric power stations will be
put into operation, the Minister of Fuel and Energy reported.
Construction of these stations are underway according to the plan. An
issue has been submitted...

ACMS Lecture: Understanding the spread of avian flu

The American Center for Mongolian Studies Speaker's Series for APRIL 2006

Disease at the interface of human, livestock and wildlife...

Dinosaur found in Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Scientists reportedly have found
the fossil of a previously unknown species of dinosaur that lived more
than 100 million years ago in what is now Mongolia.

The dinosaur, which had air sacs in some of its bones to help

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