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WWF concerned about snow leopard in Mongolia

Snow leopards in MongoliaWWF Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – The World Wildlife Fund for nature reports that one...

Mongolia's Urban Environmental Issues Addressed

Ulaanbaatar EnvironmentThe Mongolian Minister of Environment, Mr. I.Erdenebaatar and...

Beavers in Mongolia and beyond

Mongol Bio Web reports on a new publication on the beaver in Eurasia:


Influence of timber harvesting on Mongolian forest ecosystem

February Biobeers talk
Batchuluun Tseveen, National University of Mongolia, Forestry Department.

For more information see:...

Biobeer March: the illegal wildlife

March's Biobeers will be held this Thursday 2 March, at the usual
time and place: 6.30 pm at Xericon Restaurant (located between the
Hydrometeorology Building and the CIA). This month's speaker will be
Jim Wingard who will talk...

Ecological and Organic Products Planned

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture plans to implement a Program Pure
Ecological Products with the purpose of raising a prestige of
traditional and new products made in Mongolia, ensuring the products
quality and safety, and...

New Book on Lake Khuvsgul: The Geology, Biodiversity and Ecology

The Geology, Biodiversity and Ecology of Lake Hövsgöl (Mongolia) (526
p., 130 figs, 60 tables, ISBN 90-5782-162-1) has been published as a
volume in the series Biology of Inland Waters by Backhuys Publishing,

New Environment Policy for Mongolia

Members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment, Food
and Agriculture led by the Committee Chairman Mr. A.Bakei have became
au fait with the policy, activities and structure of the Ministry of
Environment. The...

21.8 million heads of livestock to be vaccinated

This year, under the Livestock Health Program, a total of 21.8 million
heads of livestock will be involved in 29 kinds of vaccines and
drenches. Moreover, 7.3 million heads of livestock will be vaccinated
for the prevention from...

Minister of Environment visits organsiations

Minister of Environment Mr. I.Erdenebaatar was welcomed to the
Meteorology and Hydrology Research Laboratory, the Morin Uul Radar
Station, the Meteorological Center of Flight in Buyant Ukhaa, which are
under the jurisdiction of...

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