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Environmental Protection in Mongolia during the reign of the Manchus

Friday’s rain floods 75 households in Baganuur, Mongolia

rainfloods_in_baganuurNews.mn reports:...

NASA grant to study Mongolian herders

NASA, the U.S. space agency, will provide grant money to Mongolia to study how people adapt to climate change on the treeless Mongolian Plateau.

Dan Brown of the University of Michigan, USA said a portion of the $900,000 would be used...

Mongolia's forests burning: are they good or are they bad?

Russian official calls cooperation with Mongolia critical

A Russian official has said cooperation with Mongolia is critical to plans to develop the Russian Far East.

I.Shuvalov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia, told the media “We have to establish joint ventures both with Mongolia and...

Mongolia reappointed to UN committees

Mongolia has been reappointed to two United Nation’s committees.

During the May 18 meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council, Mongolia was reassigned to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the Commission on the Status of...

Korean Air receives Mongolian environmental award

Korean Air has been recognized for its work in planting tens of thousands of trees in Mongolia.

Jong Hee Lee, President and COO of Korean Air, received the “Environmental Excellence Medal” from the government of Mongolia. The medal was...

Government releases water figures in Mongolia

Water Mongolia

Water reserves in Mongolia have reached 609.5 cubic km, of which...

Mongolia: tough decisions about the world's oldest nature reserve

Bogd Khan Uul...

Mongolian EDGE species (Long Eared Jerboa, Bacterian Camel, Saiga antelope)

BioBeer: Environmental Talks in UlaanbaatarUuganbadrakh.O...

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