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Biobeer: The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity

Odonkhuu.D from National Geo-Information Centre willpresent a talk entitled "The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity"on *Thursday, December 4, 2008.*The talk will be about the assessment of protected area...

Survey shows rivers, lakes drying up in Mongolia


Government acts to contain smallpox outbreak in goat herds in Mongolia

Mongolia Web News,...

Officials report a large increase in the harvest in Bulgan aimag.
Officials report a large increase in the harvest in Bulgan aimag. 
Total crop harvests rose by ten...
Commercial water rates set to rise in November

Water rates will be rising for commercial customers in Mongolia.

Beginning in November, rates may increase as much as 50 percent, according to officials.

Currently, businesses are paying Tg 323.25 for one cubic meter of clean...

Farmers seek help from government after insects attack crops

Farmers are...

Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar addressed

Cleaning the air in Ulaanbaatar
would cost at least MNT 50 billion ($34 million), according to a local

Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, G.Munkhbayar,
Chairman of the Capital Citizens` Representatives Meeting,...

Nearly intact Tarbosaurus dinosaur skeleton uncovered in Gobi

A Mongolian-Japanese team announced
Wednesday that they had discovered a nearly complete skeleton of a Tarbosaurus
dinosaur. ...

Emergency livestock feed to be stored in case of winter blizzards

Emergency feed for livestock
is being stored in strategic locations around Mongolia to be used in
the event of snow preventing animals from being fed this winter.

Study underway to determine potential of building Mongolian wind farm

Black & Veatch, a U.S.-based
global engineering, consulting and construction company, has announced
it is conducting an environmental and social impact assessment for a
potential 50-megawatt wind farm to be built in...

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