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Hydroelectric plant being operating in western Mongolia

A hydroelectric power plant
built n the western Mongolia began operating on Monday. 


2,300 year old mummy to be returned to Mongolia

A 2,300 year-old mummy is to
be returned to Mongolia following the remains being studied by German...

President of Mongolia leads state ceremony on sacred peak

President Enkhbayar returned to Ulaanbaatar from a series of state
visits to Altai and Khovd provinces. At the...

Farmers given loans to plant unused lands

Kharkhorin soumAs part of a campaign to reclaim
once fertile farm lands,...

150 forest fires reported in Mongolia in 2008

Mongolian emergency workers
have fought 150 forest and steppe fires since January 1, 2008...

International group meets to anticipate future problems for Mongolian herds

Top experts from Mongolia and
the United States met last week to discuss...

Ulaanbaatar citizens clear garbage from Selbe River

Ulaanbaatar residents continue to participate
in a variety of projects to improve the country’s environment. 

A group...

Japanese experiments with special rice seed for harsh Mongolian climate

A Japanese scientist has planted
specially modified rice seeds designed to survive the country’s harsh
soil and climate....

Mongolia mourns 46 killed in spring storm

Mongolia observed a day of
mourning on Saturday for 46 people killed in a spring storm this past

Caught in...

Snow, cold blamed for 29 deaths in spring storm

As many as 29 may be dead following
spring snowstorms in Mongolia’s eastern provinces. Officials report
that possibly...

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