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Beijing issues pollution alert due to Mongolian sandstorms

Sandstorms from Mongolia have
caused a pollution alert to be issued in Beijing. 

The Beijing Environmental Protection...

American city opens ‘City of Ulaanbaatar Park’

The city of Denver, USA has
dedicated a city park in honor of Mongolia. 

City of Ulaanbaatar Park, planned
for seven...

Guards removing thousands of gazelles caught in wire border fence

Hundreds of gazelles were reported
dead this week after being snagged in barbed wire at the Mongolian border
as they sought to...

Proposal seeks to create Amur basin nature preserve

Mongolia hopes to join Russia
to create a joint nature preserve in eastern Mongolia’s Amur basin. 

Working with the World...

Alaskan skies reported to be clouded by Mongolian dust, Russian smoke

Mongolian dust has spread across
the Pacific Ocean and can be seen in the skies of Alaska. 

The dust from...

Officials warn of strong dust storms in coming days

Mongolian officials have warned
local authorities to prepare for strong dust storms within coming days. 


Program seeks to grow all vegetables consumed in Mongolia

The Mongolian government is
creating a program to allow Mongolians to grow 100 percent of all vegetables
consumed in the...

Direct flights to link Mongolia and Russia in Baikal-Khovsgol lakes region

Russia and Mongolia have agreed
to establish tourist flights between the two countries in the Lake Baikal

In Moscow, Mongolian tourism officials seek Russian tourists

Mongolian tourism officials
were in Moscow this week to discuss how to lure more Russian tourists
to Mongolia. ...

Biobeer April: Water Quality Monitoring

Tamir.P from The Asia Foundation, will present a talk entitled "Water Quality Monitoring of Securing Our FutureProgram of the Asia Foundation"on *Thursday, April 3, 2008.*

Biobeers is held on the first Thursday of every month...

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