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Biobeer: Spatial Ecology of the Manul (Otocolobus manul) in Central Mongolia

This month's biobeers talk will be given by Steve Ross (PhD
student). The title is "Spatial Ecology of the Manul (Otocolobus
manul) in Central Mongolia"

The spatial ecology of the manul (Otocolobus manul) was...

BioBeer: Survey of the Mongolian Gazelle

1. Jadamba, Kirk Olson from WCS will give a talk entitled

2. Andrew Dixon from International Wildlife Consultants, UK Ltd will present a talk entitled

Biobeer: The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity

Odonkhuu.D from National Geo-Information Centre willpresent a talk entitled "The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Conserving Biodiversity"on *Thursday, December 4, 2008.*The talk will be about the assessment of protected area...

Biobeer: The snow leopard & the Pallas's fish eagle

1. S. Purevsuren, Senior biologist, Snow Leopard Conservation Fund Mongolia will give a talk entitled: The snow leopard research conservation center talk will be about Tserendeleg snow leopard research conservation center located in the...

Biobeers: Marmots in the eastern steppe: evidence of a decline

Biobeers will take place on Thursday, 7 September 2006. The speaker
will be Sue Townsend, who will talk about 'Marmots in the eastern
steppe: evidence of a decline'.

Biobeers will be held at Sweet Cafe, located south of the...

Bird Samples From Mongolia Confirmed As H5N1 Avian Flu

This article has been withdrawn by its source. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Based on a press release from a normally reliable source we posted this article to soon find out the data in the release was completely out of date. We...

Cabinet Raises Prices on Saker Falcons

Moninfo reports: Saker falcons (Falco...

Call for Contributions: National Report Biodiversity

The Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) is preparing the third National Report on Implementation of Convention on Biological Diversity by request of both MNE and UNDP CO. The report will be prepared according to guidelines...

Cameras fail to deter traffic offenses, but scare street criminals away
The Traffic Emergency Information Center, opened some time ago amidst high expectation, has...
Canada and Mongolia Cooperate on Water Survey

The National University of Mongolia and the York University of Canada
have agreed to conduct a joint detailed survey on water resource
management. The first stage of the bilateral cooperation has launched
by an arrival of the...

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