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Mayor seeks IFC help for 400 apartments in ger areas
Mayor G. Munkhbayar last week received Mr. Hyun Chan Cho, Country Manager of the...
MPP expels maverick MP
MP Ts.Shinebayar , who refuses to accept the change of his party’s name from MPRP to MPP, was...
New constitution amendment procedures to be discussed
Parliament has agreed to further discuss draft procedures to amend the Constitution after the...
Ch. Gankhuyag new Deputy Minister of Finance
The Government has named Mr. Ch.Gankhuyag, a former Executive Director of XacBank and now...
President wants no vodka at State ceremonies
President Ts. Elbegdorj has suggested that all state ceremonies dispense with the use of vodka....
Standing Committee rejects opinion of Constitutional Court
The Standing Committee on Justice has rejected the opinion of the Constitutional Court,...
Prime Minister cancels visit to Britain
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs B.Bolor has said the Prime Minister canceled his visit to...
Mongolia passed North Korea's message to U.S: Wikileaks
North Korea attempted to reach out to the United States through Mongolia in 2009, suggesting that...
Judges in Ulaanbaatar district courts overworked
Officials of the Ulaanbaatar Court have told media that most judges at the eight district courts...
Prosecutor-general proclaims anti-corruption chief as "criminal suspect"
Unhappy and frustrated by Parliament’s failure to act in three months on its request to dismiss...
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