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PM Mongolia visits Sumo Japan

Mongolian Prime Minister Mr. M.Enkhbold is paying working visit to Japan at the invitation of the Japanese Premier Mr. J.Koizumi. Mr. Enkhbold has launched his visit from the Osaka City to interest in the final day competition of the Japanese...

Indian Premier to visit Mongolia
Last year the diplomatic relations between Mongolia and India were celebrated in relation with their 50th anniversary. The Indian Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh will first ever visit Mongolia in the history of 50 years. The Indian...
New UK Ambassador Osborn presents credentials

The UK Ambassador to Mongolia, Mr. C.W. Osborn presented Monday his
diplomatic credentials to the Mongolian President Mr. N.Enkhbayar.
After the credentials handing ceremony, the President received the
Ambassador to exchange...

Prime Minister Enkhbold to visit Japan

Mongolian Premier Mr. M.Enkhbold will pay an official visit to Japan on
March 26-30 at the invitation of the country Government. On the
occasion of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Great Mongol
State, 2006 is...

Russia's Foreign Minister visiting Mongolia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is to visit Mongolia on March 20.

"The negotiations will address the further development of the traditionally friendly Russian-Mongolian relations, the situation in the world, the Asia-Pacific...

Mongolian Officials plan trip to Ethiopia

Mongolian delegates led by MP. J.Narantsatsralt, the Minister of
Construction and Urban Development, and a lawmaker B.Batbayar will
visit Germany and Ethopia on March 19-26 at the invitation of the
German Technical Cooperation...

Civil movement in Mongolia to establish political party

The Healthy Society Civil Movement,  one of the civil movements has made a decision to establish a political party. The Movements Board  members informed this issue to media on Monday January 13. At present, Healthy Society...

Mongolia's Anthem and State Symbol Changes

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. According to decree by the President, national
anthem and state symbol of Mongolia will be changed. Deputy Parliament
Speaker Mr. D.Lundeejanstan heads a working group to amend the anthem
and symbol. The...

President meets Ulaanbaatar City Mayor

Mongolian President Mr. N.Enkhbayar has received the Ulaanbaatar City
Mayor Mr. Ts.Batbayar. At the meeting, Mr. Batbayar introduced to the
President about the activities carried out for four months since his
appointment as well...

Expelled Members Establish New Party
Former Democratic Party members, Deputy Prime Minister M.Enkhsaikhan, Defence minister M.Sonompil, Deputy ministers P.Ulaankhuu, Ts.Tsolmon and Urban Development Minister J.Narantsatsralt who joined the National Unity Government and were...
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