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MPRP nominates Enkhbold

The members of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) submitted
the name of Mr. Enkhbold for Prime Minister at the MPRP conference.  Parliament could vote on his nomination as early as Wednesday, MPRP secretary Otgonbayar...

Peaceful demonstration


Internal struggles for MPRP

Last Friday happened to be Friday 13th , and some people might indeed think it was an unlucky day. After long hours of discussions and disagreements the Parliament members pushed their buttons and resigned Coalition Government.

Political Crisis in Mongolia Update

The political crisis in Mongolia continues, with the Parliament of
Mongolia holding an all-day plenary session on Friday, January 13 to
discuss the recent mass resignation of ministers from the Mongolian

Civil Movements Join Protest
  After the demonstration against public transportation
fee.  Three civil movements “Resolute Reform” “Just Society- Civil
Movement and “Union of Peace” joined and demonstrated against...
Government resigns

The Coalition government of Mongolia is on the brink of resignation after M.Enkhbold, chairman of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party...
MPRP: Coalition failed

MPRP Chairman EnkhboldOn January 11, around 3:00 pm, MPRP held a press release where the Chairman

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