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Figures released on Mongolian HIV/AIDS cases

The government has released figures on the number of HIV/AIDS cases in Mongolia.

Kh.Davaajav, the head of the AIDS service of the National Center for Infectious Disease Studies, said the 51st and 52nd HIV/AIDS cases were registered in...

New maternity hospital to be built in Ulaanbaatar

Construction will begin this
spring on Ulaanbaatar’s fourth maternity hospital.


Officials believe it will...

Government may double student meal funding

The Mongolian government is
weighing the funding of a $9.9 million fund for providing meals to the
nation’s 130,000 kindergarten students. 

The government had previously
allocated $0.50 cents per day per...

Korean doctors to perform surgeries in Mongolia

In an agreement signed in Ulanbataar
last week, it was announced that Korean doctors will provide dental
and facial surgery to Mongolian patients. 

The agreement calls for Korean
doctors to travel to Mongolia to...

Indian to award scholarships to Mongolian students

India has announced it will
award 30 scholarships to Mongolian students to study in India. 

The scholarship will be offered
to Mongolian students studying natural sciences, engineering, technology,



Mongolian President speaks as advocate for small countries

Mongolia’s President has
spoken out strongly on behalf of the world’s smaller countries during
an international...

New TB testing for Mongolian, others working in Czech Republic

Czech officials believe new
health testing will be mandatory for foreign workers, including Mongolians,
coming to work in the central European country. 

Officials have voiced concern
about rising tuberculosis...

Chinese milk products recalled from Mongolian stores; no reports of local children sickened

Following reports of Chinese
milk being tainted by the chemical melamine, Mongolia withdrew all products...

President, Prime Minister attend opening ceremonies for school year

Monogolia’s top officials
attended opening day ceremonies at the country’s universities. ...

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