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Hand-foot-mouth disease hits Mongolia again
Deputy Prime
Minister Enkhbold is heading an emergency committee to deal with...
Camp for Mongolian children in USA is chance to learn about heritage

Mongolian children living in
the USA, along with their parents, will have the opportunity to attend
a summer camp this summer...

Institute to provide Chinese language classes in Mongolia

A Mongolian and a Chinese university
have joined forces to teach Chinese language classes in Mongolia. ...

Mongolian computer provider, One Laptop Per Child, may switch to windows operating system

The One Laptop Per Child project,
which currently provides Mongolian children with laptop computers, may
switch from Linux to a...

WHO urges more laboratories be constructed to fight spread of TB

As with other Asian countries,
Mongolia is facing increases in tuberculosis cases. At the same time,
Mongolia has only one laboratory...

Mongolia to begin program to create methane-based energy

Mongolia is moving to recover
and utilize as energy the methane produced by the country’s livestock.    


Mongolian teens brought to U.S. for heart surgery; money raised by 10-year-old U.S. boy

A ten-year-old U.S. fifth grader
has raised $8,000 to bring two Mongolian boys to the United States for
heart surgery....

Mongolia to see faster interest due to AT&T worldwide enhancements

The American telecommunications
giant, AT&T, has announced it will invest over $1 billion in 2008
to bring enhanced telephone,...

Drug-resistant TB spreading quickly in countries bordering Mongolia

Drug-resistant tuberculosis
is spreading throughout countries bordering Mongolia at a rate higher
than seen at...

International examiners finished taking tests

The international examiners, financed
by world health organization, have finished taking hair and urine
sample from 150...

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