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Russian scientists believe Mongolia due for major earthquake

Russian scientists believe
Mongolia will be struck by a major earthquake between 2009 and 2015. 

In a statement released by
the Scientists from the Institute of Earth Crust Studies, the Siberian
branch of the...

Report says Mongolian life expectancy is 65.5 years

 On average, Mongolians live
65.5 years, according to figures released by the World Health Organization. 

This places Mongolia with countries
such as the Philippines, with 67.5 years, and slightly ahead of India...

Mongolian hunger strikers win aid for disabled

Three visually impaired men
ended their five-day hunger-strike in Ulaanbaatar this week after being
assured that their grievances would be heard by appropriate officials. 

The hunger strikers began their

American university students raising money for Mongolian students

This week students at the U.S.
University of Oregon are raising money to assure Mongolian children
receive a proper education. 

This fund raising effort began
in 2006 when a student from the Oregon university...

The Talk on the Street: Are Children Abducted for Human Trafficking ?

Official reports claim that only 60 children aged from 9
to 16 live without any parental
control and care on the streets of Ulaanbaatar. But reality, is far
from that. Most of the...

Mongolian eKnowledge CAMPUS™ launched


Female Dominance in Mongolia

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in Mongolia has raised an objective
to increase a number of male students to enroll to high schools. For
the time being, a number of female students is dominating. . Presently,

Second International Conference on Optimization and Optimal Control

The Second
International Conference on Optimization and Optimal Control
(ICOOC’2007), dedicated to the memory

Countryside Hospitals in Mongolia Receive Electricity

The Minister of Coal and Energy, B.Erdenebat and the Minister of Health, L.Gundalai have signed an agreement to provide hospitals of 97 soums with a complex of solar generators. The generators are made by the solar battery industry of the...

today is a day against AIDS

This day had since 1992 in Mongolia. Purpose of this day is informing damages of AIDS to youths and warning it to people. Last two occurence are appeared in Huwsgul province last september. It means AIDS can catch everybody either you live in...

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