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Ivanhoe Mines Scaling Down in Mongolia - Updated

Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar. Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:...

Polymetal Jumps into Mining in Mongolia


Mongolia's Mining Windfall Tax to be discussed

Moninfo reports: The Standing Committee on Budget which decided to consider a
draft law on making amendments to the windfall profit tax has delayed
discussions for a...

Mongolia's Income from Mining on the Increase

The state budget income of Mongolia has been increased due to the price
rise of gold, zinc and copper, main export products of Mongolia, at the
world market. In the first nine months of this year, 1.6 trillion Tg
income was...

Leading Chinese Mining Company to Cooperate with Mongolia
“We will cooperate with Mongolians on a mutually beneficial basis in the geology and mining sector”

Centennial News, Mongolia reports: The ZiJin Mining group Co., Ltd, one of the leading...

Constitutional Court Discusses Mongolian Mineral Resources Law
World Bank Will Cooperate with Mongolia in Mining Sector
Centennial News, Mongolia, reports: R. Gonchigdorj, Chairman of Standing Committee on Security and Foreign policy met with World Bank senior specialist Mr. Salvador Rivera and senior Mining officer Mr. Charles Husband yesterday...
Mongolian Parliament to Consider Windfall Profits Tax Revisions on Gold

MonInfo, Mongolia reports: A draft law submitted to the Speaker of Parliament Monday calls for the 68 percent windfall profits tax gold price threshold to be raised...

Mongolian Economy at Risk with Minerals: Report
MonInfo, Mongolia reports: It is obligatory for Mongolia to establish a minerals fund and clearly related laws to meet with all international...
Mongolia's Mineral Deposits: 40% Currently Exploited
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Presently, according to a geological
exploration survey, there are about 400 mineral deposits in Mongolia
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