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Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi IPO likely in late 2011
Mr. L. Enebish, General Director of Erdenes MGL, has says that Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi LLC, which...
No accident at Oyu Tolgoi after 4.5 million man hours of work
With 4,500 people engaged in the construction, the physical face of the Oyu Tolgoi project is...
Oyu Tolgoi to spend MNT36 billion on training 3,300 workers
Oyu Tolgoi LLC will spend MNT36 billion on vocational training for some 3,300 people in the...
Human rights commission finds questions for trainees violate law
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has concluded that several questions Oyu Tolgoi...
People want to know more about progress on Erdenet Tavan Tolgoi
When media recently asked Mr. B. Enebish, Executive Director of Erdenet MGL, how and when...
200 attend workshop on reclamation
Representatives of over 200 mining enterprises attended a recent workshop in Bulgan...
State-owned mines want to charge more for coal
Representatives of coal mining companies urged the Government to raise coal prices at a meeting...
State Property Committee cancels Stock Exchange Tender, retracts order next day
While Prime Minister S. Batbold said in New York on Monday that the London Stock Exchange (LSE)...
Peabody, Shenhua not among 9 bidders on Tavan Tolgoi
Erdene MGL has announced that the following nine companies have applied for choice as operator of...
Media reports on Khan Resources case wrong, says NEA official
Mr. G.Bayarbayasgalan, Director of Nuclear Material Department at the Nuclear Energy Agency, has told media they have got it all wrong about the court ruling that canceling...
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