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Mongolia blogs
Keep in Touch with Buzz. Find out what is happening on the web and in the world - related to Mongolia. For suggestions, feel free to contact us.
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7 Yurts, Yaks and other adventures on the Silk Road 15
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Re:Gas / petrol prices ?
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Re:Gas / petrol prices ?
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2 days ago
abbas daiyar its -30C, sitting all the day in room is boring! 08:18 PM
4 days ago
mark scease "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" Guide made it to NPR today. They forgot to mention that the author is the son of Mel Brooks. All the same, I'll take it that my guilty pleasure has gone viral. I'm still a bit surprised by the Zombie Guide book tower in the Naval Warfare College' bookstore. 12:51 PM
1 week ago
christopher de gruben and michael eisenriegler are now friends Dec 19
michael eisenriegler bedankt sich artig bei seiner Urgroßmutter für die heutigen Rezepte: Kochsalatsuppe und Zwiebelfleisch. Es mundete hervorragend! Dec 19
2 weeks ago
michi enkhbaatar i don't like today!!!! it was snowing and my bus didn't come!!!! but i had SCHOOL!!!! and a had alot of homework!!!! plas my mom called me a lier!!!! Dec 09
3 weeks ago
mark scease Back to pirate speak, avast there and belay that mellow speak or I'll have your guts for me garters. Dec 06

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