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Memories of Children's Day in Mongolia

Mongolian ChildrenMongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar. By Aaruul. June 1st is the happiest day for children....

Are the Finns the Mongolians of Europe?

By Edward Dutton


THE BOOST: Bill Infante, The Asia Foundation

The explosion of the Mongolian economy over the past decade has been one of exponential intensity. One only has to walk down the streets of UB to observe the springing up of new apartment blocks and offices, and...

A Buddhist on a Christian on Buddhism

Egil Lothe, President of Buddhist Federation
of Norway 

I have lately drawn attention to...

Different Religions, Same Ethics? Comments on the Recent Religious Controversy in Mongolian Media

 Ueli Minder, Director of the Golden Light Sutra Buddhist Center gives his view on the recent controversy of Christian and Buddhist supporters ventilating their opinion in the...

Thomas Terry on Buddhism and corruption in Mongolia – an answer to his response

By Egil
Lothe, President of Buddhist Federation of Norway

article “Buddhism – the cause of corruption in Mongolia?”
published in UB Post and Mongolia Web drew attention to viewpoints on...

Buddhism – the cause of corruption in Mongolia?

Lothe, President of Buddhist Federation of
Norway, explores the role of Buddhism in relation to corruption.Mongolia Web News is happy to provide a platform for the discussion but does not necessarily endorse the points...

Elbegdorj's letter and appeal to the international commnity

Mongolia’s democracy is in jeopardy. Five people including four died
of bullet wounds of AKA shot by the police aiming at them, more than
119 people wounded, 712 people were arrested and being tortured by the
authority to...

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