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Tsagaan Alt Wool & Felt Shop


Naran Department Store

Naran Department Store is one of the biggest department stores in Ulaanbaatar, was established in June 1995. Here you can find world's famous brand products such as Seiko and Swatch watches, Samsonite and Delsey bags, Swiss army knives...

"Nomadic culture" Ger shop

"Nomadic culture" unique ger shop has been running its activity since 1996 by selling the religious and decorative articles and fashion jewelries that had been created by the ancient skillful smiths. Possible to get customs permission...

Narantuul "Black" Market

The Black Market (Narantuul Zakh) is located in Bayanzurkh district 3-4 km from downtown.
Here you you find almost everything from food and goods and buy even cheaper than other markets, especially in bulk. Apart from a lot of chinese...

State Department Store
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