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Mongolia’s Olympic gold medal winner on tour of U.S.

Mongolian Olympic gold medal winner Tuvshinbayar Naidan is currently being received as a celebrity as he...

British, Mongolian marathoners meet while running, announce marriage plans

A British marathon runner will
marry a Mongolian woman he...

Mongolia hopes for triple gold at the Olympics

enkhbat badar-uugan mongolia olympic medal winner Mongolia Web News,...

Plans for Ulaanbaatar golf course met by protesters

Local residents are protesting
plans for creating a golf course near Ulaanbaatar. 

The Tuul...

Mongolia celebrates first gold medal

Mongolia celebrates First Olympic Gold Medal
In Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar people have gone out on the street to celebrate the first Olympic gold medal in its history. Judoist Tuvshinbayar became first in the category under 100 kilo,...

In Mongolia Gold Divides, Gold Unites

Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar - On Thursday evening in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar people went...

Mongolia has won its first Olympic medal.

Gundegmaa Otryad, 30, won a
silver medal on Wednesday in the women's 25m pistol contest at the...

President Enkhbayar to meet with foreign leaders during Olympic ceremonies

Athletics, politics and foreign relations will mix when Mongolian officials attend the opening Olympic ceremonies in Beijing on Friday. 

As part of his itinerary, Mongolian President N. Enkhbayar will meet with Chinese officials,...

President to speak at Tuesday rally for Olympic athletes

Mongolians will say farewell
Tuesday to their Olympic team prior to its leaving for Beijing. 

Meeting on Sukhbaatar...

Mongol Rally kicks off all over Europe

The Mongol Rally 2008 teams thunder forth from London, Madrid and Milan on Saturday July 19th.

If you're in one...

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