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Asian Football Confederation to hold classes in Mongolia

Mongolia will be hosting the
Asian Football Confederation's Ichiro Fujita, who is on a tour of Asia
to promote football...

Doctor treating Asashoryu says sumo champion is recovering from depression


Mongolian sumo grand champion AsashoryuMongolian sumo grand champion,

Asashoryu’s return to Mongolia; Japan collects 30 million yen in taxes from Mongolian sumo champion

There is good news and bad
news for Mongolian sumo champion Asashoryu. 

The good news is that the Japan

Mongolia attends air force training at Pacific Airlift Rally 2007

Mongolia, along with other Asian nations, today concludes its participation in a regional airlift exercise and symposium. ...

Officials expect disgraced sumo champion Asashoryu to return to Mongolia

In spite of the objections
by the head of the Japan Sumo Association, disgraced Mongolian sumo
grand master Asashoryu...

Mongolia takes second place in regional pistol competition

Mongolia's Munkhzul Tsogbadrah  took second place in the women's 25mm pistol individual event this week  at the 24th Universiade in Bangkok.She lost by only 1.6 points  to China's Wang Jieyi who scored...

Worldwide television viewers to watch American train in Mongolia for wrestling competition


Mongolia will be featured on
the cable television program, “Last Man Standing,” when an...

Following suspension, Asashoryu reported suffering depression; may be allowed to return to Mongolia

The Japan Sumo Association
is weighing whether to allow Mongolian sumo grand champion Asashoryu
to return to Mongolia....

Mongolia seeded for Football World Cup in October

Mongolia has been seeded 38th
for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the Asian Football Confederation
(AFC) has...

Sumo wrestler Asashoryu suspended from future tournaments in first-ever action against a yokozuna

Mongolian sumo champion, Yokozuna
Asashoryu, has been suspended following his claiming to be unable to
participate in a sumo...

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