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Badma-Khanda Tours US with Music from Mongolia

Mongol Group reports: Badma-Khanda has returned to the US for an autumn concert tour of the
US, including Carnegie Hall and The San Francisco Jazz Festival. Most...

Mongolia's Hakuho designated UNESCO Artist for Peace

UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura will designate Davaajargal
Munkhbat of Mongolian nationality, better known as Hakuho, as UNESCO
Artist for Peace at a ceremony to be held in Ulaanbaatar on 27 July, in
the framework...

New titles given at Mongolia's National Naadam Holiday

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. Three wrestlers won the title of "State
Elephant" defeating seven competitors in the wrestling competition of
the Naadam Holiday of Mongolia. Those are D.Amgalanbaatar /Tov
Province/, M....

Athelete from Mongolia wins gold in pistol shooting

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. World Cup Shooting Tournament has been held in
Munich, Germany. Mongolian distinguished shooting athlete O.Gundegmaa
won the gold medal in the women s 25-meter pistol shooting. Thanks to
it, O.Gundegmaa...

Asashoryu Dagvadorj and Kazuko Hosoki shoot show in UB


Ulaanbaatar's 3rd chess club openes
Mongolia Web News, Ulaanbaatar. In  apartment building 2 B of the sixth microdistrict in the Bayanzyrkh district, a club with an interesting name just opened. Its name is “XIII century-chess club”. It’s the third chess...
Mongolia's Sumo Wrestlers Create Sensation

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ The Grand sumo Tournament of March 2006 was
full of sensations by the Mongolian wrestlers. A special board of
directors meeting on March 29, 2006 officially announced that Sekiwake
Hakuho Sho was promoted...

Mongolia Develops Yak Polo

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. Within the scope of the 800th anniversary
celebration of the Great Mongol Empire, the administration of
Ovorkhangai Aimag will organize a yak polo for foreign guests and
tourists. This high yielding...

Sumo Wrestlers from Mongolia denied US visa

Mongol Yahoo Group reports: American Sumo wrestling championship was held in LA at "Staple
Convention Center" on 4/9/06. There were wrestlers from...

Mongolia to participate in US Sumo Open

US Sumo Open 2006The 2006 US Sumo Open on April 9 features international sumo teams, including contenders from...

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