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Dundgobi Camel Polo Championship

The National Camel Polo Championship has been successfully organized in
Dundgobi Aimag by the Governor s Office of the Aimag and the Mongolian
Camel Polo Association. In the competition participated 31 teams
from Dornogobi,...

International basketball tournament in Ulaanbaatar

The Mongolian Basketball Association will host an international
friendly competition on March 11-15 in the Central Sports Palace. Teams
from South Korea and Russia have officially reported that they will
participate in the...

Olympics trains will cross Mongolia

It is expected that a big increase in the flow of foreign tourists from Europe to
China will boost the load of the Mongolian railway during the 2008
Beijing Olympic Games. With this regard, the Mongolian Railway plans to

the Boxing Banker Keeps Punching

Banker Ella Beavers had her colleagues wondering about the black
eye she brought to work one day. "It was hard to hide… but I managed,"
the 31-year-old Albanian-born banker says. Her co-workers soon learned

Olympics Update: Mongolian Skier takes 69th place

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. A Mongolian female athlete E.Ochirsuren took
69th place yesterday at the women skiing in 10 km of the Torino-2006
Winter Olympic Games. She pioneered the competition, which was taken
part by 72 athletes...

Olympic Torch arrives in Mongolia

A ceremony was held today in Nalaikh District of Ulaanbaatar to welcome
the torch of the Torino-2006 Winter Olympic Games, which is to travel
through Mongolia. The ceremony was attended by Mr. S.Batdorj, Chairman
of the...

Athletes to head for Torino Olympics

The Chief of State Committee of Physical
Culture and Sports, Mr. Ch.Naranbaatar has met the skiers to take part
in 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy and wished them to make a new national
record for Mongolia. From Mongolia...

Mongolian Olympic medalist honored

The 30th anniversary of Labor Hero Z.Oidov's silver medal finish at the
olympic games in Montreal is stated to take place this year. In
connection with this, the Mongolian Free Style Wrestling Association
decided to name the...

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